Dahab Daily Activities

Find out about the acivities you can book in this stunning area of South Sinai. From snorkeling and Bedouin dinners to yoga, massage, camel riding and diving we've got everything covered.

Dahab Daily Activities


Dahab is renowned for its warm waters of the Red Sea and the array of colorful fish and coral. There are many stunning spots around Dahab, snorkeling at either the Blue Hole or Three Pools are very popular day trips.

Bedouin Dinner

Experience an evening in the desert, under the stars; take pleasure in the silence of the mountains whilst you enjoy a traditional Bedouin Dinner.

Horse or Camel Riding

Ever dreamed of riding a horse by the sea? Or riding a camel in the desert? Well, both dreams are now possible at your doorstep while staying at Dahab Paradise.

The sea, the beautiful scenery and the desert are right here, and we have different routes that suit all levels and interests. Simply let us know your preferences a day before and we will make your dream come true.


Our special tent overlooking the sea and mountains offers a perfect serene place for yoga practices.

Private and group sessions are available at Paradise and a wide variety of wellness activities are ongoing in Dahab. We will be glad to find the best for you.


Relax… unwind… and treat yourself with a good massage. Skilled massage therapists are available in Dahab. You can enjoy a very special massage while staying at Paradise.


The beauty of the Red Sea underwater world has attracted divers for decades. Snorkelling or diving at the unparalleled dive spots in the area is the ultimate experience, and from our dedicated dive centre, we offer an extensive range of courses and experiences for all levels and expectations.

Next to the incredible reefs and marine life, a great advantage of diving in Dahab compared to other diving destinations, is that most of the dive sites - including the famous Canyon and Blue Hole - are located on the shores of the Red Sea.

In other words; less organisation, transfer times and schedules and more time for diving and relaxation!

Take a closer look at the amazing diving, snorkelling and watersports you can experience here at Dahab Paradise.